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🚙💨 We played Ejector Seat with 14 players from the Top 14, this is the result! 

Discover our latest creation for Land Rover France.

Land Rover puts TOP 14 players to the test with a new concept, the Ejector Seat! Questions, challenges and more… who will manage to stay the longest in their Defender? Two captains lead the way: Brice Dulin with his team, Ilian Perraux, Baptiste Serin, Arthur Vincent, Sekou Macalou, Rory Kockott and Thomas Laranjeira who take up position in ourDefender Indus Silver VS Maxime Médard with Damian Penaud, Dylan Cretin, Cameron Woki, Melvyn Jaminet, Antoine Hastoy and Gaël Fickou in our Defender Pangea Green! The rules are simple. For every challenge that isn’t successfully completed, one player from the team has to get out of the vehicle. And for a successfully completed challenge, one player from the opposing team gets out! When here are no more players in the Defender, the team has lost! On the menu: good moods, competitive spirits and fun! And what about you? How many questions did you answer correctly ?

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