Eventeam Groupe – Vos plus grands événements


Eventeam Innovation has developed a dedicated mobile application for Eventeam’s hospitality and travel customers. This new tool is a small revolution in the way we provide information to our customers.

The mobile application will provide easy access to all the details of the services booked, whether it’s official hospitality for Roland Garros or a stay in Edinburgh for the 6 Nations Tournament: plane ticket, itineraries, access to the stadium, guide to the destination, etc. …. Everything is at your disposal! Technology is at the heart of our concerns to provide an effective tool. For example, the mobile application uses augmented reality to locate the user in relation to specific points of interest such as a ticket machine. All these features are even available in “offline” mode abroad.

Another interesting advantage is that the mobile application will allow Eventeam to communicate live with customers. Contextual and automatic notifications can be sent on the spot to adjust a transfer time or to warn 30 minutes before the start of a match.

This is a real evolution in the way we support our customers from the booking of services to the realization of the events we offer. Other tools are being studied so that we can always offer our clients different and enriching experiences, in addition to the emotion provided by the events.

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