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EVENTEAM GROUP is a global communication agency. The excursions and hospitality we offer give our customers exhilarating experiences. Our aim is to anticipate and exceed their needs and expectations with increasingly innovative services. Quality and excellence are our hallmarks. Looking after our customers is paramount.

We are committed to respecting the privacy of anyone visiting our mobile app, as well as of anyone who has benefited from or shown an interest in our products and services. This privacy policy explains how we use your personal data and informs you of your data protection rights.

We will also keep you informed whenever new information becomes available in this policy. We’ll let you know when this privacy policy was last updated, so you can take the time to read it if it has changed since your last visit. Privacy policy last updated on: 04 April 2022.



Who are we? The terms “Eventeam Group”, “Eventeam”, “B.Live”, “we”, “us” or “our” employees in this privacy policy refer to Eventeam Group, a “société par actions simplifiée” (French simplified joint-stock  company) with capital of €3,500,000, whose registered office is located at 75 ter rue du Point du Jour 92100 BOULOGNE BILLLANCOURT, and whose registration number in the Nanterre Trade and Companies Register is 433 298 197.

What this Privacy Policy covers:

This privacy policy covers the processing by Eventeam Group of the personal data of those who have purchased, ordered or shown an interest in its products or services, as well as of users of our B.Live mobile application.

Name and contact details of our DPO:

Eventeam Group, as data controller, has appointed its subsidiary Eventeam Innovation, represented by Guillaume MARASCA, as Data Protection Officer (DPO). Guillaume and his team can be contacted at , by post at 75 ter rue du Point du Jour – 92100 BOULOGNE BILLANCOURT, or by telephone on (+33) (0)1 55 60 22 56.

Contact details of the customer relations centre:

The contact details of the customer relations centre are available on the following webpage:


Eventeam Group may collect your personal data via several sources, detailed below. When we collect your personal data, we will endeavour to provide you with transparent, complete information about our processing of such data and your rights in this regard, and to obtain, where necessary, your consent to such processing.

The main sources of data collection are as follows:

  • Our mobile application: Our mobile application primarily serves as information portals for products and services booked with Eventeam. We also offer a number of features that retrieve the information you provide to us when you ask to be kept informed, to be added to lists, to be registered for events or experiences, or when you buy products or book or request services. As such, the main sources of collecting your personal data via our mobile application are as follows:
  • Contact forms: when you visit, use or interact with our mobile app, for example to request or use services available online, when you find information about an event or experience, or when you request any other information via the different forms available;
  • Personalised sections of the mobile app: when you access personalised sections and use our mobile app as a means of communicating with us, to request personalised reminders, to receive information about your services and/or to request a service related to a service or other information to notify you;
  • Cookies and other trackers: when you visit, use or interact with our mobile app, it automatically retrieves certain information from the device in order to optimise your experience (for example, by allowing our mobile app to automatically adjust screen size to the device you are using to browse). This data is also used for the statistics of our application. Further information about automated data collection and cookies is available in our cookie policy via this link.
  • Sending electronic messages: when you contact us (via the contact details available on our application) or send us messages;
  • Our contact forms: when you fill in one of our contact forms during an event, fair or exhibition or via the mobile application, for example in order to arrange your stay, to obtain more information about your hospitality package or to register for an additional service, we will process the information provided;
  • Technical services provided by third parties: to ensure the performance of our mobile app services and to enable us to retain relevant data and process ongoing requests, we may receive data about you or your activities on the mobile app from companies in our group or third-party providers (for example to maintain the mobile app or offer you location-based services).
  • Social Media: we may also receive information about you through other online means, for example, if you follow us or comment via our pages or our social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. For more information about how your data is used by these social networks, please read the information notices provided by them.

Find out more about the personal data that may be processed by Eventeam Group…

The information we process will vary depending on the service you subscribe to or request, and may include, but is not limited to, your name, occupation, contact details (for example, email, postal address and business landline/mobile phone number) and general information you decide to share such as your experience with Eventeam Group products or services.

During the collection of personal data, you are informed if certain data are optional or if they must be provided for legal or contractual reasons. Under such circumstances, you will be informed if your decision not to provide the requested data will impact Eventeam Group’s ability to provide the services offered.


We use your personal data in particular to manage and respond to your requests for services and information, to understand how you use our mobile application and services, and to make our products and services (including our services on the mobile application) as efficient as possible.

The main uses of your personal data, the purposes of these uses and the legal bases on which we rely are detailed below.

Activity and purpose:

Applicable legal grounds:

Monitoring the customer relationship

Our customers’ personal data will be processed to maintain and administer our customer records, process your requests, carry out satisfaction surveys, manage after-sales services and for any other internal or administrative purpose. The purposes of these processing operations are to monitor the customer relationship and effectively manage the after-sales service, in particular with regard to your requests and questions relating to services booked.

Necessity for performance of the contract to which you are a party, for example when processing is necessary for the services stipulated on the purchase order and in its supporting documents, or for another contract.

Legitimate interests of Eventeam Group in offering customers an efficient after-sales service.

Maintenance and support when using our mobile app

When you use our mobile app, we and authorised third parties will process the data in a number of ways enabling us to provide online services. For example, this may include: identity confirmation, fraud and authentication control, supply of services, customer support, and communications service. We may also seek to improve our services, through user experience, to strengthen our internal processes. For example, we inform you when you contact us (our customer support numbers are available on the app) that our calls may be recorded for training, audit and quality purposes.
The purpose of such processing is to ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of our mobile application and of the services we offer you through them.

Necessity for performance of the contract between you and Eventeam Group when processing is necessary to perform a contractual service, for example purchases of hospitality or excursion services.

Legitimate interests of Eventeam Group in performing efficient mobile application services.

We will inform you whenever personal data is mandatory for a contract. If such information is not provided, we are unable to process the requested service.

Management of your requests

We will process your data to manage your requests (for example when you request additional information about a service via the mobile application). We will also process your data to provide you with and maintain a personalised online experience.
The purpose of this processing is to manage the requests mentioned above and ensure a personalised experience.

Your consent when you fill out a contact form asking to be kept informed about our products and services.

Legitimate interests of Eventeam Group in providing efficient services including mobile application services.

Internal research and development

For internal research, development, statistical, analytical, and reporting purposes, such as monitoring application performance, predicting trends, developing new features, products, and services, or demonstrating compliance with regulatory requirements.

The purpose of such processing is to evaluate and improve performance, manage compliance, monitor trends and develop new products.

Legitimate interests of Eventeam Group and other Eventeam companies in evaluating and improving performance, managing compliance, monitoring trends and developing new products.

Information and network security 

Your personal data may be processed to maintain the security of our information and networks for the purpose of taking steps to protect your data from loss or damage, theft or unauthorised access and to ensure relevant server locations (for example, we may work with third parties to ensure appropriate use of the services).

Legitimate interests of Eventeam Group in ensuring the security of information and networks

Management of legal and regulatory requirements

Your personal data may be processed for the purpose of managing requests and legal and regulatory requirements, complying with or protecting our legal rights or crime prevention/detection (including, where applicable, to assist tax authorities, the police, the Ministry of the Interior or any other public authority or criminal investigation organisation, or for the protection of national security).

Eventeam Group’s legitimate interests in complying with the law and regulations, including responding to requests from authorised authorities.

The legitimate interest of Eventeam Group in defending itself in court.

Necessary for compliance with our legal obligations.

Service Communications

Finally, your personal data may be processed in the event that we notify you of an urgent security notice in relation to services in progress, in France or abroad.

Vital interests of a natural person

Necessary for compliance with our obligations